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"It does not take a majority to prevail..... but rather an irate, tireless minority, keen on setting brush fires of freedom in the minds of men." Samuel Adams

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

August 2015 -

California Legislative 2015-2016 Regular Index

"Decline To States" must re-register in the Republican Party in Order to Vote in CA Presidential Primary June 7, 2016.

Want to vote for Trump/Carson/Cruz/Paul? Register in the Republican Party before the CA can always change back.

8/26/15 - Special Cake Just For You Mr. Ramos - Excuse Me...Excuse Me

8/25/15 - Idiots - You Can Make Deals With The Enemy  - N Korea Declares State of War on South

- Sam Farr, You sir just endangered more lives than you know with your vote - pathetic lack of strength

8/23/2015 - The Fix is In - Understanding How Citizen United has Created a GOPe Monster
  1. ♦ Following The Money
  2. ♦ The GOPe Roadmap
  3. ♦ The Roles of The Players – “The Splitters
  4. ♦ How each candidate is aligned in the Roadmap
  5. ♦ Trump Hits The Super-PACs – The GOPe Achilles Heel
  6. ♦ The Rick Perry Tripwire Exposed – DC Super-Pac
  7. ♦ Jeb Bush Super-Pac Will immediately spend $10 Million
  8. ♦ Proving there is only one political party in Washington DC
  9. ♦ Why Support Trump – Part One (The GOPe Ruse)
  10. ♦ Why Support Trump – Part Two (Stop being played) 
  11. ♦ Why Support Trump – Part Three (Intellectual Details)
  12. ♦ How To Defeat the GOPe Road Map

Canceled - 8/22 Rally - Protect and Defend The Constitution

RED ALERT - ** SB 4 Health For ALL Aug 19
and tell them to vote NO in committee on Wednesday, August 19th to SB
4 Health For All, which includes Medi-Cal for illegals.

August 16, 2015 - Sherman Ball Memorial
Santa Cruz Roller Paladium

Folks were asked to complete a personal testimonial on an index card that began with "Sherman was My...".  The completed cards were then presented to his family. The "Sherman Ball Skating Fund" raised close to $500.00 dollars and presented it to the Roller Rink who will also hand out copies of the pocket Constitution to those who benefit from the funds. You can contribute to the fund by sending in a check payable to the Santa Cruz Roller Paladium, PO Box 7, Santa Cruz, CA 95063

Memory Table

Speakers included The Minutemen, Skaters, Friends and Family.

Quilt Sherman's Memorial Quilt was carried by The Minutemen around the room so all could touch it.  Each person was then given a pocket Constitution with the Bill of Rights and asked to take the pledge to read, study and defend and protect it.  The quilt was then presented to his family for wall hanging or for use on 4th of July picnics.

Skaters holding American/Dont Tread On Me Flags along with non-skaters take to the rink to view Sherman's hand made signs over the years while listening to his favorite skating music.

- Teach Liberty and Freedom For Every Generation

8/13/2015 - Parents, Lose benefits if your Kid Arrested for Rioting

August 13 - Thursday - Meeting - The Constitution Part One - 6:30 -8:00pm - Marina Public Library

Commentary JD - Look You guys over there in the CA legislature - Face it, you mucked up a great state with policies that take the American Dream out of dreaming...not just for American citizens either. Used to be an individual had an opportunity to raise their condition in life through opportunity and education....but not any more. When the body politic systematically marches, surrounds and devoures those essential elements of personal opportunity to improve ones lot in life via legislation, those elected officials have FREAKIN HARMED PEOPLE FOR THE REST OF THEIR LIVES. When CA voters realize this, perhaps they will give liberty, freedom and those things the Constitution promises a second look.  please join us Thursday, August 13th for our first of many classes on The Constitution. We believe it's time to learn for the first time or refresh ones memory why the U.S. Constitution Empowers the individual and limits government. If you think the Constitution is a piece of for office and join the rest of those who think they know better how to manipulate and run your life better than you do.

Progressive Agenda Harms CA Population

ACTION - ACTION - SB 350 - 50-75% Gas Reduction Bill For So. Ca. - Gas Rationing

Commentary JD - You can only drive half way to where you want to save the planet of course.  just a reminder to illegals...politicians giveth and then taketh away.  first giving drivers licenses to million of you illegals, then telling must drive 50% less!!!! Is this a subtle way of getting you all to self deport? Because at least in other countries you can drive ALL THE WAY THERE AND BACK....unless you want to spend the night at work.  Idiots...absolutely idiots we have in Sacramento.

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